Syllabuses for 2019-2020 Session: 1. BA (h) in English 2. MA in English

Class Routine: Effective from 22,02,2020

The Department of English is one of the most illustrious departments in Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST). Established in 2013, it has now fourteen faculty members and around 250 students at the undergraduate and the post-graduate levels.

It houses four classrooms equipped with multimedia projectors and sound system. It has a state-of-the-art language laboratory which can accommodate 50 students for developing all the Language Skills.

Syllabus and Class Routine


Undergraduate **** Post-graduate

Session 2020-2021

Session 2018-19 **** Session 2017-18

Session 2017-18 **** Session 2018-19

Session 2016-17

Session 2015-16

Class Routine

  1. Effective from 06.01.2020
  2. Effective from 19.06.2019

Departmental Students Counselling Committee

The department of English has a Students’ Counselling Committee which offers support and counselling to the students who are in troubles or think they are going through harassment. Any student of the department with any problem e.g. educational, financial, family and harassment of any kind may consult the following faculty members for counselling and proper guidelines:

1. Md. Al Walid, Assistant Professor

Cellphone: 01718845996

2. Mst. Sharmin Sultana, Assistant Professor

Cellphone: 01737214194