Project: Using Digital Media for Feedback and Assessment in Learning

Executive Summary

To evaluate the importance of Digital Media like Facebook, Google Classroom, email for learning and teaching, this project aimed to test the feasibility of using Digital Media for Learning, to use the Digital Media for formative assessment, and to use the Digital Media for providing feedback. For four courses of the English department of JUST, face book pages and Google classroom pages were created and used. Also email and audio-video recorded activities and assessment-feedback were used. It has been found that digital media have immense potential of having positive effect on the standard of learning. They offer real time as well as offline feedback. Students feel much easier to respond and receive feedback. The project reveals that all the students under this study have positive attitude towards using digital media for learning as they have access to such media. Thus the project results suggest that digital media should be used as a regular teaching-learning tool. Through the use of this media, assessment and feedback become better resulting in better learning outcome.